Posted by edsouza at 01 January 2017

Selected Comments from Student Evaluations, continued

“She engaged in the classroom with her personality and always tried doing something different to start off the class. She gave a lot of her feedback truthfully and it made it seem like she really did go through and thought my writing not just getting it done with.”

“Constantly positive and was always well-equipped to answer any student’s questions. She seemed extremely invested in each student in the hopes that she could help them become the best writer they could be! A very inclusive teacher and an even better role model.”

“Gave us a lot of time to prepare for papers, all the papers had rough drafts due before”

“Evelyn truly cared about helping me with my paper and spent our conference re-organizing my ideas to make a better product.”

“She gave a lot of great feedback on all of my papers, and I feel that I have improved in my writing style a lot.”

“She helped me feel confident in myself as a writer”

I appreciate the feedback I’ve received thus far! I am thankful that students have taken the time to offer both positive and constructive remarks. I continue to learn and grow as an educator.

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